The Rite To Wear The Ring of Champions


At the beginning of the Argos 2010 Spring Season, I asked the question, is youth football a rite of passage for boys involved in the disciplines, rituals and challenges of the sport?  I suspected there was something there to look for as i watched the season unfold for our boys and our families.  Little did i know that the journey would provide a very real and poignant lesson when Jason took with his Argonauts to the National Championships in San Diego this June.

In the video linked below, Coach Jason and I reflect on the events that took place in the final game of the championship series between the Argonauts and standing rivals The Las Vegas Rage.  What happened that brought the stands into the field in an unfortunate brawl and what responsibilities do the Argos bear as champions in the road ahead?

What is a Champion? In the arena of sport a Champion is someone who has defeated all opponents to earn a title as such in a competition.  It is a brief honor, and one that in most cases is handed back and forth with opponents in a shared league.   A champion is also – and maybe more importantly in this rite of passage, someone who stands for, supports, and defends a cause that they feel passionate about.  It seems these days we are seeing these kinds of Champions reflected to us everyday,  from the battle for glory in the world cup or recent NBA titles, to those who are champions for the larger global causes of humanity that we are faced with today.

What happens when a Champion makes a mistake?  Again, there a examples of this reflected in our daily news, through sports celebrities behaving badly, to politicians and corporate leaders facing the adversities of the world.   A champion is first – human.  Despite a fall, or a mistake, a champion becomes a true champion by the actions they take afterwards.  The opportunity to right this wrong becomes a Champions’ cause.

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The Rite To Wear The Ring of Champions

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  • Robert,

    Great interview with Jason. Spending some time digesting what happened at the end of the game was a smart decision. The kids will remember the lessons learned! Congratulations on a great season!

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