To Wear The Ring of Champions


Dear Fans, Family and Friends,

What a dynamic and dramatic conclusion to the Spring 2010 Argo Season.  Try to disagree!  I dare ya!  When i set out to document “Jason & The Argonauts” I was first inspired by the thread it naturally lead to the Mythology of  questing for a cherished honor.  I had no idea where it might really go, but to have a fantastical story of men facing monsters running underneath the story of our boys playing football often made me laugh.  Too bad we didn’t get to play the Skeletons.  That would have cinched it for me!

Then the question came.  Is youth football a rite of passage experience for boys at this age?  I have two sons – Ben and Lucas who are a part of the team. I followed them here.  At 13 and 15, in a time in their life when they are in passage to manhood – it was an experience growing in them – to be a part of something that instilled a sense of purpose.  They were growing up and testing themselves in an arena of sport.  Football. What was it about this Argo program that set forward a test for young men to rise above adversity and prove something to themselves?

We end our long season with 7 teams, two National Titles and an end game experience that has changed the playing field for Champions of NYS.  Here we now stand as 2 of 7 NYS National Champions.  Argos.  What does it mean to be a champion?  How do you REPRESENT?

Thank you for being a part of the Team Spirit Family.  Whether you are family from across the nation who is watching your grandson, or nephews play ball.  Whether you are a player looking for your great play featured – or even an opponent scouting the Argos, i invite your commentary.  Leave the smack chat on You Tube if you have too. If you wish to comment here – please share a perspective on the experiences we have shared in this Spring 2010 Season.


I had the chance to sit with Coach Jason today and talk about our Championship experiences.  The coming feature  ”RING OF CHAMPIONS” will be shown at our end of the season gathering and posted here afterwards.  Look for championship game stories, highlights and reflections on the past season throughout the summer. NYS National Championship game galleries can be found at  Like Team Spirit Stories or become friends with Argo Spirit on Facebook – or subscribe below to follow us.


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