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The Scottsdale Argos are finally on their way to San Diego this week for the NYS Youth Football National Championships with record breaking goals.  The single elimination tournament opens this evening with ceremonies at Mesa College in San Diego and kick offs for the Minor team on Thursday morning.  For the Minors their eyes are set on coming home with a back to back National Championship honor, having taken the title last year in an undefeated run through the tournament.  Argo Major1 Navy is a strong team for the division and has shown determination, focus and drive in the past weeks of practice.  For the Seniors Argos, they are fighting to bring home the first ever senior division NYS National Championship title.

The Argos are unique in this tournament, with a showing of three teams from one club. The challenge ahead for our boys – Three Teams – Three titles.  As a holding thought while we are immersed in the tournament ahead – I re-offer the dedication that opened Team Spirit Stories back in January when this chapter of the story Jason and the Argonauts-Passages in Youth Football began.  GO ARGOS!!!!


There is something in sport that sets in a boy

the Spirit of the man he can become.

Through challenge and competition,

where once there was the hunt and quest,

the sport of youth becomes his rite of passage.

In a team

he builds the bonds of

family, community and purpose.

As a son

he learns from his coaches-

respect and dedication.

As a brother,

he finds opportunities

to model the qualities of leadership,

sharing with his siblings

that which he exemplifies on the field.

What lies in his sport

is the spirit of dreams

as a champion.

To win as such once,

sets a path of life ahead of him

seeking to reach this honor in all things

he may pursue in the future.


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