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From the Littlest Argos to the Majors and Seniors


Tonight, on the eve of  the semi finals for Argo Seniors and Major 1 Navy – in their final games of the season the PeeWee turned the Predators to prey, taking them down cleanly in a mercy rule game and the midgets faced and rode the Storm for a 32-0 victory. It was an Argo sweep to send up the line to their their older Argo counterparts.  From the Midget to the Seniors and Majors, some advice to Win…..run hard, hold your blocks and dont let a bad play get you down.  FIGHT!

More to share on this later, but for tonight a fitting send off to the Mighty Argos as they meet Rival Vipers and Cowboys to fight to advance to the State Finals tomorrow night on two fields opposite each other, under the Cardinal Stadium.  Come in Force and Argo Spirit.


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