Game 1 State Championships: Argo Seniors Win By A Red Coyote Hair


Coming off of their first loss of the season, heading into Game 1 of the State Championship Playoffs, the 3rd seat Argonaut Seniors were motivated, focused and hungry for a win against the 6th seat Coyotes of the South East Valley.

Starting off early with a safety by #13 linebacker Farthing and touchdowns for QB/Running back #27 Johnson and #22 Robinson, the Argos came on strong in the first half.  Halftime brought rabid Coyotes to the field and an unexpected turn over of the score, with the Coyotes leading late into the 4th quarter. In true champion Argo spirit, the Senior sidelines came alive and in an explosive charge through the Coyote offensive line, defensive lineman, #66 Big Eddie Armenta, ripped the ball and recovered the fumble, giving the Argos time to score and regain control of the game in the final minutes.

In this weeks highlight video, the senior Argos share in their own words, what they felt they needed to do to mentally and physically prepare for this first game of the NYS State Title.  Game highlights feature, Big Eddies fumble recovery and the last driving moments to the winning touchdown by #27 Trace Johnson.  Intense is an understatement to the path of this game.  Next up – a final showdown and rematch with the Vipers for game 2 of the series!  GO ARGOS!

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