As “The Team to Beat”-Argo Family Spirit Evoked


Huge wins for Argo Major 1 Navy and Seniors Evoke Argo Family Spirit and Unity Moving Forward.

May 8th brought a much anticipated back to back game series for the Major 1 Navy and Senior teams.  All week long the teams prepared for this battle mentally and physically.  For the Majors they would face the Knights of the west valley, an undefeated team whose record left all of their opponents scoreless and walking from the field under mercy rules.  For the Seniors they would face long time rivals, the VIPERS, whose 2009 Major league team made it into the final game of the National Championship last year to lose in double overtime to the San Diego Playmakers.

It is fair to say after this game day, with two big wins,  that the Argo football club has a target on their backs from teams across the league.  Maybe it is because they have been around so long and have established a reputation as “the team to beat”.    Rumor has it that some teams scout, share game videos and meet on the sidelines to strategize ways of beating the Argos.  Without even trying,  before they even take the field,  The Argos are already in the heads and under the skin of their opponents.  This tension was palpable Saturday.

For the Knights, it was clearly a hard loss which brought out the worst in players and parents after the game.  As for the Vipers game, aside from the usual cries of injustice on penalties and a few puffed up chests and gamely shoving matches during the game, all went well until a “you wanna go”..fighting challenge between two players brought parents to the defensive and things got very close to breaking down in the parking lot after the game

With a reputation now, justified or unjustified as it may be, the challenge the Argos face as “the team to beat” in the playoffs, is to turn any misguided fear, hatred, anger or frustration into a source of power.  The power comes now as coach Jason has evoked the ARGO FAMILY spirit to support the boys on the field.  It may be true that no one out there is rooting for the Argos outside of the Argo Family  Let rivals and opponents rant and rave and cock-about, beating their chests, spitting slurs and challenges. Let them cry injustice and foul all they want.  As family, we MUST take a higher road for ourselves and our boys.  Keeping the boys focused on playing, focused on honor and pride in the face of Victory or Defeat will long outlast the 90 minutes of one NYS football game.  In 10 years what will serve us best and what will we remember most?

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