Argo Team Midget- May Day Double Victories


In the third and final May Day game series, we go to the Argos Team Midgets to find the glory of celebration and victory.  It was a double header day for the boys and their families, starting first on the field of Shea against  a competitive band of warriors, the Argo Midgets took the game 38-12.  Later that same day, snatching the Eagles from the sky, Team Midget dominated the young team 34-6.

Across all of the games from Senior’s through Pee Wee it is common to hear the coach mantra “100%….Great football players make mistakes but never once do they let up.  Great football players give 100% 100% of the time”.  100% means giving it your best on the field, but it also means something else.  The midget team shows us that 100% is also giving each of your team mates your full support and comradeship in good plays and bad.  Each of the dozen touchdowns that day found the team running to the end zone to jump bump chests, high five and congratulate a team mate.   They cheered each other on passionately through great swarming tackles and pancake sacks.

That 100% also showed itself as being great sportsmen to the competition when a hand would reach out and lift them up after a great smack down tackle knocked them out for a loss of yards.  When you see these 10 and 11 year olds from opoosing sides of the field picking each other up from the dirt in the spirit of the game – there is nothing better.

GO ARGO TEAM MIDGET GO!  Undefeated for a reason!

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