Argo Major 2 Columbia “…Get Jersey in your hands and fight!”


The real spirit of the Major 2 Columbia Vs Cowboys game did not really show itself until i had time to reflect  a few days after in the images and sound bytes of the game.  At the time of this post, the Major2 Columbia team has played another game leading to their 2nd defeat within one week.  Although the May 1 game with the Cowboys could have turned to a May Day celebration seems to have turned instead to a distress call for aid.  What exactly does that mean?

The Argo Major 2 Columbia team is one game away from the end of regular season play.  Without a win this Saturday – their shot at the state title slips out of reach.  The Team is down 5 starters to injuries, which may be at the core of their struggles, but another view is – Argos haven’t lost hard battles like this for a long time.  The boys, the coaches, players from the other Argo teams and the parents on the sidelines find themselves out of sorts when the rally of a winning drive hits a wall of mental mistakes in the game.  During the game at one point when it was clear that a victory was not in store  for the Major team, there wasnt a sound on the field.  Sidelines were quiet almost eerily so.  It was as if no one had anything to say….shocked maybe?  Sad maybe?

As i have taken to floating the sidelines listening and observing the ebb and flow of the game, the Major 2 Columbia, May Day  game was truly one of the richest games of the season for revealing something about the spirit of the ARGOS.  From Jason’s impassioned battle cry, “BATTLE! FIGHT! GET JERSEY IN YOUR HANDS AND SWARM THE BALL!….to a rally series in the bottom of the third quarter when the Major 2 Columbia team had backed the Cowboys into their end zone and right up against the Major 1 team, who were focused nearby and warming up through their pre game cadence.  It was one of those visceral moments that Coach Gramer speaks of, when you can feel the heart and soul of the Argos…. winning or losing ….ONE team on the field…ONE team warming up, together sharing both gauntlets of each other’s victory as well as the remnant emotions of each other’s defeats.  The aid we can give our teams when they struggle through loss and mistakes is to stay loud, and proud…to raise them up when they are scratched and bruised.  To push them harder then they think they can go and to challenge them to be better every play.

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