Argo Midget Scrimmage: Breaking In-Breaking Down


On the eve of the Argo Midget League’s first game of the Spring NYS Season this weekend,  the video below captures moments from the teams last scrimmage on April 10, 2010.  Featuring great opening and closing coach huddles and post game reflections with Coach Jason, the gem in this story rests at the end.

After a great scrimmage with the LIONS, when the teams meet center field, single file in high fives and ‘Good Game’ exchanges, the Coach of the Lions pulled midget Argo Zach aside, to pat him on the back.  This is what youth football should be about.

A young team, the Argo Midgets are a mix of new players to the sport and some seasoned players who have migrated from other teams in the league.  Zach was once a LION.   When Zach meets his former coach on the field, maybe a little apprehensive about the encounter, the head coach pulls him in to share his pride of having been a part of this young athletes path.  This is the best of Community sports and a reflection of the kind of sportsmanship that you hope to see when the game between young rivals is over.

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