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Argo Midget Player Zach – “What It Takes To Be A Team Leader”


At the recent Punt Punt Pass and Kick Family Day, new Argo and Midget League player, Zach stood out from the crowd.  Not because of any monumental feat in getting the ball down the field, but by the intent and focus that he displayed in giving his best effort to the task at hand.  He set the ball down on the tee and adjusted it from all four sides. He stared down at the ball making sure it was just at the right angle.  Stepping off 5 paces he turned.  Eyes never leaving the ball and then took long calculated strides to give it a kick down the field in great form.  All the kids in his group watched him with the same intensity that he watched the ball.  When the coaches and players talk about fundamentals as a key to Argo’s success, players like Zach reveal that it is not only skill based fundamentals that are at play, but also the fundamentals of leadership that are being developed and displayed.

When i talked with Zach at Velocity the other night, i wanted to ask him about this focus and obvious desire he had to do his best.  Zach has been playing football since he was 6 and has competed at the National Championships in San Diego with another NYS team – the Bears.   When he shared that he was the quarterback, I felt a little rush like i was talking to Kenny Stabler again.   His understanding of the intricacies of being the quarterback and his role and responsibilities as a team leader go well beyond his 10 years.

When we closed off our interview, Zach’s spirit and determination to give everything he had to being the best, lingered in the room.  Other words from other interviews came flooding in;  Coach Jason “Its about Fundamentals”;  Coach Grammer, “There is something about the Argos that is palpable”.  Yes.  This was a palpable feeling.  Zach has the fundamentals of leadership at his fingertips and i have no doubt that under the guidance of his new Argo Coaches – he will refine those insights and abilities and develop into quite a leader for his peers in seasons and years to come.

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  • Hi Robert I just read and viewed this – its hard to believe that was almost 2 years ago. Its great to be able to reflect back and now see how far Zakk has come with the great coaches and their effect on him as a athlete and individual. Jenny

  • Jenny, – I remember that interview. Zach was one of those kids that stood out. Passionate about football and brand new to the Argos. Its fun to watch how all the boys have grown into their skills now. take a peak at this again his senior year of football.

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