Major League Players Chris and Hunter-”…Like Life”


In the latest installment of player interviews, i sat down with veteran major league players Chris and Hunter and got their thoughts on Argos football and life.

One of the questions i have been asking all of the boys so far is whether or not they feel that football is like a rite of passage.  In every case so far, i get a little bit of a blank stare or an “I’m not sure what you mean” reply.  I dont know why this curious shrug and wondering look from a 13 or 14 year old surprises me each time.  I suspect it is because as adults we already have this awareness that certain periods of life provide unique challenges and as we look back on those times in our lives we can see that it was a necessary test that helped us grow up, or provided a shift of perspective that we can pin point as a turning point in our lives.

I am seeing now in the player interviews, that for our boys, they may not see football clearly as a rite of passage, but that they do see aspects of life reflected back to them and that they are learning to apply them in their life off the field.

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