Fall 2009 8 Man Minors

During a recent Argo training camp at Velocity Sports Performance Center in Scottsdale, I sat down with 6 of the younger Argo players to talk about how they came to be an Argo and what some of their favorite football moments have been.  Players come from all points on the map to be an Argo and some bring a surprising amount of experience for being so young.

FRANKIE & MICHAEL: Argo Minor League

Frankie and Michael are new friends that met on the field playing on the  Fall 2009 8 man Minor league team.  They shared the glory of an undefeated season and look to the Spring Season with hopes of more of the same.  Michael comes to the Argos with experience on two other youth sports teams, drawn by the reputation of fundamental training and winning. It is hard to imagine, but i have known Frankie since he was probably 5 or 6 as a fiesty sideline sibling watching his older brother Shane play on the NYS Panthers and minor league Argos.  Frankie joined the Argos in the Spring of 2009 and played on the National Championship Minor league team last June.  One of my favorite memories of Frankie was the “Rudy” moment when the fans in the stands of the National Championship chanted his name to call him into the game and carry the ball 10 steps closer to the end zone near the end of the National Championship game.  His memory of that moment is different than my own and he shares that in this interview with Michael.

NICK & ANDERSON: Argo Minor League

Nick and Anderson are friends that go to the same school.  Nick recruited Anderson to the Argos this season after he played on the undefeated 2009 Fall Minor league team.  Nicks story of coming to the Argos last fall reminds us of the challenges of youth coming into a new setting with people they don’t know.  He speaks openly and enthusiasticall about shifting around in various positions until finding the one where he could shine.  Anderson’s, thoughtful contemplation of his goals playing in his first tackle football league this season just makes ya smile!

GRAYSON & TYSON: Argo Minor and Midget League

Grayson and Tyson have just met through the preseason Argos Training camp and are both experiencing their inaugural year as Argos in the coming season.  Remarkable though is that they already have three years of tackle football experience each including runs at state championship titles.  Both share hopes for their future on the Argos and appear to bring a level of passion for the sport that is a hallmark of an Argo Player.

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