Coach Ricardo Interview #1: We Build Football Players



“We Build Football Players”

In the first interview of the series, Assistant Head Coach Ricardo Baez talks about the Argos players and his favorite thing about coaching youth football.

Having moved to Phoenix from the East Coast, Coach Ric got his son signed up for NYS football as a way to make friends and get involved in their new community.  As it is with most youth sports teams, if you are a dad with any interest or former abilities in the sport you get recruited to the sidelines.  So it was with Coach Ric.  After a season of watching his son from the stands, when the coach of his son’s team was ready to move on, he stepped up and coached his first  youth Football team the Rattlers.

It wasn’t long before he found himself across the field from Coach Jason’s newly formed 2nd season Argonauts.  After a season of friendly rivalry they decided to join forces when each of their teams were about to graduate their oldest players.  Rather than dig up new teams from scratch they pulled the remaining players together and the long standing Scottsdale Argos coach partnership was formed.

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